Starting Out

So this is it. We may actually, might, possibly do this – if it seems like a good idea! Maybe.

It’s a big step starting a farm. As I sit here, lap burning from this stupid laptop, snow is still falling on top of the four inches we got overnight. A winter wonderland. Finally.  At least the dog gets to roll in the snow.

The story so far…

Last year my father started discussing what we could do with our farm. It’s about hundred acres along the Susquehanna River in North Eaton, just outside Tunkhannock, PA.  The only farming on it right now, is being done by a private company for cattle feed, and that’s only on about half the acreage. So what to do with the rest? Well how about goats, we said.

Why goats? Well why not! Most of our land that we’ll be using is brush covered. Perfect for goats. Plus, the care goats require is much less than other animals. At least we hope.

We decide on meat goats, because we ain’t milkin’ no goats.  At least I’m not.

So far we’ve done the following:

  • I’ve enrolled in an extension class for goat farming. It starts in February, I’ll keep you updated.
  • We’ve purchased several books on the subject. All of them education and enjoyable. I’ll get them up here ASAP.
  • We found a magazine in the subject, and we’ll be subscribing to it I hope.
  • My father spoke with a local goat farmer and we hope to visit their operation soon.
  • We picked out a possible site for our first paddock.
  • We’ve both explored the web and found several websites. I’ll be posting those links as I go.

I’ve been daydreaming different plans and possibilities along the way and I hope to use this blog as a sort of public notebook. Sort of a web-based log about what I learn.  I should come up with some sort of slang name for it. Start a movement or something.

So here we go.


One response to “Starting Out

  • ceciliag

    This sounds fantastic, you lucky things having all that land to play with! I am with you on starting a movement, but I do not have goats, sheep, cows, chickens.. but no goats.. ah well.. c

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